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You can read more about the company at www.videopod.co

How Videopod works

Whenever Videopod gets a new client we work out the specific tasks that need to be done in the production of video.

We then assemble a team to do these tasks.

The team dynamic typically looks like this.

How we assemble teams

We ask freelance applicants to send in an application that will be received by Videopod’s hiring manager. This will include the roles that you would like to be eligible for.

When Videopod has a new client/ project, the hiring manager will look through the general applications and invite certain candidates to apply for a position.


The process is roughly as follows:

01: Shortlist

  1. Candidates who meet the criteria are invited to apply for the specific project or a paid test trial
  2. A selection of candidates are shortlisted for an interview
  3. The successful candidate is offered the position
🚨 Unsuccessful candidates are still eligible for future projects (sometimes it’s just not a fit, even if you’re great)

2. Training

If it is your first time working with Videopod then we will take you through some training so you are up to speed on all of the systems/ processes/ templates that we use.

3. Begin work

We’ll then get started with the specifics of the client’s work. Your point of contact will be the Project Manager for the project. Often he/she will be your point of contact. On some occasions, you will interact directly with the client, though this isn’t always the case.

Roles at Videopod

Below is a brief overview of the roles that Videopod has on their project teams. A more thorough “job specification” is written for each project that includes any specific requests (e.g. that team members have an interest in a topic) as well as more details on specific tasks.

It may be that for some projects we would like a Project Manager who can also research, or a Content writer that can also do PR/ Marketing


The Clipper is responsible for preparing everything the video provides to the video editor.

This can involve gathering assets (for new clients) or identifying highlights in long-form content and creating graphics.

In practice, this can be receiving a 60 minute raw file, identifying the best and highlights.

On Videopod projects we typically split the roles of Clipper and Video Editor so that the Clipper can focus more on the preparation essential for video to mix everything together.

That said, it is helpful if the Clipper can have some editing software skills so that they understand.

Video Editor 

The video editor is responsible for manipulating and editing the raw footage, adds transitions, effects, animations, text, captions, and audio, and creates the final video product.

A video editor should have strong technical skills in using editing software and tools, as well as creative skills in storytelling and visual communication.

Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible to oversee the video editing workflow, communicating with clients and team members, assigning tasks and deadlines, and ensuring the quality and efficiency of the process and output.

A project manager should have strong skills in project management, communication, leadership, and problem-solving.

Content Writer

The content writer is responsible for any published words that are related to the project. By default, the Producer will be responsible for writing the episode description (3-4 sentences) and occasionally short SoMe posts, but anything more (blog posts, newsletters) is the domain of the content writer. Typically the content writer will receive the (nearly) finished podcast episode and, with their knowledge of the client/ show, create long form content that is on brand

Video Producer

A video producer makes high impact audiograms and other high quality visual content to promote podcasts. This involves being able to work with video software (that can, for example, have animations) rather than “drag and drop” video software. The video producer is encouraged to be a proactive member of the team that comes up with ideas for how videos should be used in a podcast project, rather than simply “executing” on a storyboard 

Account Manager

An account manager is responsible for organising the production team and “interfacing” with the client once the commercial agreement has been made Having experience/ knowledge in the other roles will be particularly helpful so that you are “in sync” with the people you’ll be managing

Virtual Assistant (VA)

General Admininstration stuff

How to Apply

If working with Videopod sounds interesting/ fun then we’d love for you to apply!

Have a quick read of the points below and then fill out this form (it should take ~2 minutes)

We’ll then be in touch as and when there are relevant projects we could work on 🙂

We believe in doing enjoyable, meaningful work with nice people. We aim to make sure that your work with us is engaging in the short term, but also becomes a great way to develop and demonstrate skills for your future.

An overarching principle at Videopod is “don’t get spread too thin”. We’d much rather have 4 people on a team, each able to focus on doing their tasks to great standard, rather than having one person try and do everything themselves (which isn’t fun, and leads to standards slipping)

Generally speaking, Videopod aims to be an organisation with a flat hierarchy.

In practice, this means:

  • We trust people by default
  • Everyone is expected to share their opinions (even if it’s in contrast to “your boss”)
  • The best ideas come from collaboration rather than a “top down approach”

Typically you are assigned to look at 3 clients at a time with 24-48 hour turnaround times.

Depending on which package the clients is subscribed to:

Shorts Video Plan – allow 2-2.5 hours per client. You should be able to pump out 3 minutes of running time in total.

Long Video Plan – Generally you should be able to complete long form in about 1-2 days depending on complexity.

It can be quite fast paced, but you should have flexibility in your schedule and be able to juggle other projects in order to get the work done on time, especially if unexpected things come up and you need to do another round of feedback.

☝ We have found it is often difficult to do these roles if you have a full-time job, and so please (re)consider applying if you won’t be able to commit to factoring in this flexibility in your work.

Unless stated otherwise, each team member works as an independent contractor rather than as an employee of Videopod. To adhere with legal best practices each team member has a simple contract to sign as part of the onboarding process.

Unless stated otherwise we pay on a per episode basis (rather than per hour).

The details of each project position will have an overview of the amount that will be paid + estimated time to take. You can see an example here: Podcast Producer Position

We pay invoices at the end of each month

We are a “remote first” team. This means that clear communication and being organised is very important to ensure we can all work together in harmony. We have team members in for example, Phillipines and Indonesia.

We use online software to make our lives easier. Generally speaking, with each project you will interact with

  • ManyRequests: this is where we define and work through projects
  • Google Drive: this is where documents/ files are stored and where we collaborate on e.g. scripts
  • Descript: this is where we review recordings and work on improvements
  • Frame.io: this is where we upload videos for feedback and download to the client.
  • ManyRequests: for anything relating to the completion of tasks
  • Loom: useful for giving feedback on visual elements of work
  • Video call/ phone: often it is much easier to chat things through. Send a calendar invite to the guests (stating alternative available times) whenever you’d like to arrange a call
  • Slack: for “real time” communication

Stock Video & Audio Included

We’ve got you covered when it comes to adding all the extras to your edits. We’ve got a huge library of music, video, sound effects, and graphics that we can include to really make your message and content pop!

All Social Media Formats

Whatever requirements you need. We’ll export them them in square, vertical, horizontal

(1×1, 4×5, 16×9, 9×16)



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